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Reactivate is committed to providing access to clean, affordable renewable energy to all. By hosting a solar project you are able to generate passive additional income on your property for decades. You will also help to achieve our goals of a more equitable energy future.

Our team of project developers and technical experts will review your site to determine if it’s an ideal location. Reactivate would be responsible for the development, financing, construction and maintenance of the project.

If your property meets the criteria listed below, please contact us for a free evaluation.

Rooftop Project:
  • 20,000+ sq ft of rooftop space
  • Roof is less than 5 years old or over 25 years old
  • Flat rooftop
Ground Mount Project:
  • Flat Land
  • Minimum of 15 acres
  • Near existing power lines
  • Near public roads
  • Avoids wetlands and floodways
Parking Lot Project:
  • Open parking lot that is 5+ acres
  • Near existing power lines

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