Building for impact.

Reactivate seeks to create positive social and environmental impact by investing in innovative projects and collaborating with local partners to deliver renewable energy benefits to underserved communities.

Who We Serve.

Reactivate works primarily in low-to-moderate income communities, and areas disproportionately affected by the clean energy transition. Our projects seek to make impact through:

Savings for low-to-moderate income households

Families and individuals can subscribe to our solar projects to receive credits on their energy bills.

Minority & Women-owned Business Enterprises

Reactivate seeks to create opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses throughout the development, construction, and operation of our projects.

Job creation

The development, construction, and operation of our projects create jobs, especially for those with limited access to economic opportunities and professional growth.

Workforce training

Reactivate seeks to provide workforce training in renewable energy, including to transition displaced fossil fuel workers to employment in the renewable energy industry.

Property tax revenue for local communities

Ongoing property taxes are paid by the solar project and benefit local communities.

Combat Climate Change

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to protect people, wildlife, and ecosystems.