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Moody Demetry

Moody Demetry

Vice President, EPC

Moody serves as Vice President of EPC at Reactivate. Moody is an accomplished engineering leader with 20 years of experience overseeing all phases of engineering projects. Having worked for two major electrical utilities before moving to renewable; Moody has expertise in high and medium-voltage power systems, focusing on transmission and distribution system reliability, system protection, smart grid, distributed generation, and solar renewable energy. He has extensive experience in implementing innovative policies and procedures that align with industry standards and regulations and is a steadfast advocate for continuous improvement with a proven ability to develop, implement, and successfully steer initiatives to enhance productivity, drive operational efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate overall performance Prior to joining Reactivate; Moody was the Vice President of Engineering at DSDRenewables where he led the management and resource planning for the Development and Project Engineering, Commissioning, Energy Storage, Civil and Structural teams housed within the engineering division.

Moody also serves as the Founder and CEO of the Heya Masr Foundation, a non-profit community development organization, since 2013. The foundation is dedicated to nurturing young Egyptian children's mental, emotional, and physical resilience, empowering them to become more confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Moody holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology, a Master of Science in Engineering Management, and a Certificate in Executive Leadership Management from Worcester Polytechnic Institute